Nice to meet you?

Hello there, I'm Tim Morrison. 

I'm a Falkland Islander, (Yes I was there during the war, but I was only three at the time).

  1. Raised on a farm in the Falkland Islands.

  2. Sent to Coventry to study Industrial Product Design.

  3. Worked in IT and Telecoms in the Falklands.

  4. Back to university to study graphic design in Melbourne.

  5. Worked as an in-house designer at PwC Melbourne.

  6. Started in 2014.

  7. Moved to Wellington Feb 2019

  8. Married to a lovely South African lady and have two beautiful children.


  10. I'm a nerd, I love computers. I love pretty things. That means I'm a bit of an Apple fan boy. Nerd + Artistic = Photographer

  11. Podcast and Audible fan. I'm plugged into some sort of audio learning every day.

  12. Star Wars is most definitely AWESOME. I'm into SciFi..

  13. I follow the Bullet Proof Diet. Any excuse to eat more butter.

Life and business,
it's all about selling yourself. 

To stand out you need brighter plumage, a superior call and the most confident strut. Okay, so you are not a bird. You're a finely tuned professional.

Business, it's like nature, 'survival of the fittest'.

  • Plumage? It's your brand, outward image.

  • Call? it's the way you communicate, the way you write, the way you speak.

  • The confident strut? This comes by knowing that you look as good as your product, service and reputation.

Looking awesome, being the professional, living your dream. Show the world your passion and make a difference. 

Headshots, business portraits, corporate portraits, commercial portraits, branding portraits, what ever you call it, thats what I enjoy.

Photographing entrepreneurs, while capturing a little bit of your soul.

As an extra bonus I get to have great conversations with people about their businesses. How great is that?

The headshot is a passion for me. Trying to get that natural look out from somebody who's essentially standing in front of the firing squad. A fun challenge. Its all about being good with people, having a conversation, keeping the shoot chilled.

Why am I doing this? 

To be creative, have fun, meet new people, all while making work I'm proud of!


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