A constant flow of unique and branded photographs to keep your website fresh.

Having a branding photography shoot can be quite expensive. Especially when keeping on top of your personal brand for social media and website. Your appearance and style changes from month to month, year to year. Organising one off branding photography sessions to stay up to date can be a pain. You keep putting it off. After all, being photographed, its like going to the dentist. Why would you want to do that to yourself. 

This is where I can help you with a timson.co 12 month branding photography subscription. 

  • Monthly payments help spread the expense burden.

  • Up front scheduling for your year of branding shoots beats procrastination.

  • Your commitment is rewarded with big savings over my a la carte pricing.

  • Consistency and brand growth. Together we can really collaborate and nail the images for your brand.

How it works?

  1. You choose a plan that fits your budget, sign the agreement and provide a valid credit card for monthly billing.

  2. Your credit card is charged monthly over a period of a year.

  3. We meet up to discuss your branding photography requirements and to schedule all your shoots up front.

  4. Your first shoot happens in the first month of your subscription.

  5. You receive all the keepers from your branding photography sessions, along with a number of complementary retouching credits to be used at your discretion.

  6. Depending on the number of branding photo sessions included in your plan, we will meet up to discuss the out come from the previous shoot. This allows us to reevaluate and plan for the next session.

  7. You get discounts on any other photography services or products purchased in addition to your plan. Discount percentage depends on your chosen plan

  8. At the end of the 12 months you get to decide to sign up for another year.

How do you feel about a subscription plan to curate your branded photographs?

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